Upcoming G-Litter

Ch Nyangoma African Jatoo

Height: 64 cm
Weight: 38 kg

Complete scissor bite

D-Locus:D/D, B-Locus: B/b,

DM:N/N, JME: free,

Ridge Gene: R/r



Sire: MultiCh.Inanda Mellberg Edelrood

Dam: Ch. Imkahena Hluhluwe



Multi Ch. Rottzridge Celtic Shadow

Height: 69 cm
Weight: 45 kg

Complete scissor bite

HD-A, ED free,
D-Locus: D/D, B-Locus: B/B,

DM: N/N, JME: Clear, 

Ridge Gene: R/R



 Sire: Multi Ch. Pronkberg Makari

Dam: Ch. Trendsetter Aza vom Rottzridge


Rottzridge Celtic Shadow

Multi Ch. Rottzridge Celtic Shadow "Gyasi"


Multi Ch. Rottzridge Celtic Shadow, called Gyasi will be the father of our G-litter in spring 2022.


He is an athletic, muscular and strong male of moderate size.


Gyasi was born in Kennel Rottzridge (UK) in 2010. He lives in sunny Italy near Milan with his family. Gyasi is a smart, active and balanced male who likes to present himself confidently at shows. Gyasi is a very loyal and lovable family and pack dog. He is confident and goes through every situation with his family without showing fear or stress.


He is a very attentive male, pays attention to his family and is alert.


We are extremely happy that Goliath can be the chosen one for our Jatoo.


From the mating of Gyasi & Jatoo, we expect healthy puppies with strong bones and very strong temperament, which convince with a great character.


If you are interested in our Nyangoma G-litter, please contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you!!!



Photos of Gyasi

Photos of Jatoo