Ch. Nyangoma African Jatoo


VDH 15/10911072
Height: 64 cm
Weight: 38 kg

Complete scissor bite

HD-A, ED/OCD free
D-Locus:D/D, B-Locus:B/b, DM:N/N, JME:Clear, LTV:free, Ridge Gene:R/r



Sire: Multi Ch. Inanda Mellberg Edelrood

Dam: Ch. Imkahena Hluhluwe

Multi Ch. Skallbjörnens Goliat Lejonhjärta


Height: 66 cm
Weight:  kg

Complete scissor bite

HD:A, ED:free
D-Locus:D/D, B-Locus:B/B,DM:N/N, JME:Clear, HaemophiliaB:healthy



Sire: Multi Ch. Mohaget's Mister Masai

Dam: African Braveheart's Lucky Girl 

Multi Ch. Skallbjörnens Goliat Lejonhjärta "Goliat"

Multi Ch. Skallbjörnens Goliat Lejonhjärta, called Goliat, will be the daddy of our E-litter in spring 2020.


He is a sporty, muscular and strong male of moderate size.


Goliat was born in 2017 at Kennel Skallbjörnen. He lives in beautiful Sweden near Stockholm with his owner Lisa Zingel.

Goliat is a well motivated and balanced male, who enjoys showing, agility and other activities. He is a beautiful male having proven this with his numerous championship titles but more importantly a great family dog.


He is a very friendly and open-minded male, with both two- and four-legged animals!!!


We are extremely happy and grateful that Goliat is available to us for Jatoo's second litter.


From the mating between Goliat and Jatoo, we expect healthy, strong-boned and solid puppies with a great character.


If you are interested in our Nyangoma E-litter, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!


Photos of Goliat

Photos of Jatoo