Pregnancy D-Litter

Week 8 (15.03.19-21.03.19)

"The bitch is less hungry, which is caused by the lack of space in the stomach. The bitch spends much more time with her own body care. The teats continue to swell. The bitch becomes restless and looks for a suitable place to give birth. The movement of the puppies in the womb is easily recognizable."


The countdown is on - the last week of her pregnancy has begun and Lui will reveal her secret in a few days... Lui still enjoys the walks and is having a good time. Her appetite will gradually be less due to lack of space.

Differences: Breathing heavier, less appetite

Weight: 42,0 kg (+1,0 kg/+4,0 kg normal weight)
Waist: 87,0 cm (+ 27,0 cm beginning waist)

Week 7 (08.03.19-14.03.19)

"The bitch should no longer play or jump rough games with other dogs, the puppies' bones are getting stronger and the puppies can now be easily felt under the abdominal wall, but are still poorly counted. The hair on the belly of the bitch begin to fall out."


Lui's belly is getting bigger day by day. She relaxes only at full spread and is snoring. She is happy and we could feel the first puppy movements.

Differences: Snoring, puppy movements

Weight: 41 kg (+1,5 kg/+3,0 kg normal weight)
Waist: 79,0 cm (+ 19,0 cm beginning waist)

Week 6 (01.03.19 - 07.03.19)

"The number of meals can be increased. The bitch can now familiarize with the whelping box."


Lui feels comfortable, enjoys the attention and loves to be around. Her appetite is big and her belly is starting to get much rounder.

Differences: affectionate

Weight: 39,5 kg (+1,7 kg/+1,5 kg normal weight)
Waist: 72,0 cm (+ 12,0 cm beginning waist)

The Whelping box

Week 5 (22.02.19-28.02.19)

"The bitch relaxes at full spread due to her weight increase and the movement of the puppies. The training of the organs is completed. The fetuses now look like dogs. Head and body are distinguishable. The gender is determinable. The heartbeat of the fetuses is audible via the stethoscope. The dog's teats become darker and swell. The coat colour, toes, whiskers and claws begin to develop."


Our expectant mom is doing great !! She is slowly but surely increasing her weight and her appetite has returned. 

Differences: non

Weight: 37,8 kg (+0,7 kg/-0,2 kg normal weight)
Waist: 66,0 cm (+ 6,0 cm beginning waist)

Day 27 - Ultrasound (21.02.19)


Baby alarm in the house Nyangoma!!!!


Crossed fingers helped, we could today on the ultrasound pictures discover the little Royce-Lui babies!


We expect our D-litter around the 29.03.19

Week 4 (15.02.19-21.02.19)

"The embryos are now approximately walnut-sized and evenly distributed in the uterus. The heartbeat can already be diagnosed and organ formation begins. The eyes and nerve cords in the spinal cord are formed. The development of the teats begins."


Lui is doing well and she would like to sleep and cuddle all day.. Her eating behaviour is unchanged.

Differences: big appetite, affectionate

Weight: 37,1 kg (-0,9 kg/-0,9 kg normal weight)
Weight: 64,0 cm (+ 4,0 cm beginning waist)

Week 3 (08.02.19-14.02.19)

"The blastocytes (germinal vesicles) settle in the uterine wall"


Lui is doing very well, her sleep behaviour is unchanged, but her appetite for food is completely normal at this time.

Differences: needs a lot of sleep, mild nausea

Weight: 38,0 kg (-0,2 kg/+-0,0 kg normal weight)
Waist: 62,0 cm (+ 2,0 cm beginning waist)

Week 2 (01.02.19-07.02.19)

"The ova develop into blastocytes (germinal vesicles). The embryos reach the uterus."



Lui has a big appetite and she still sleeps a lot.

Differences: needs a lot of sleep

Weight: 38,2 kg (+0,2 kg/+0,2 kg normal weight)
Waist: 61,0 cm (+ 1,0 cm beginning waist)

Week 1 (25.01.19-31.01.19)

"The sperm migrates to the fallopian tubes, where mature oocytes are located. The ova are fertilized in the fallopian tubes and the fertilized oocytes migrate into the cervix."



Lui sleeps a lot and relaxes. Even home-made nests Lui finds very comfortable.

Differences: needs a lot of sleep, nesting

Weight: 38,0 kg (+-0,0 kg/+-0,0 kg normal weight)
Waist: 60,5 cm (+ 0,5 cm beginning waist)


"The sperm migrates outside the endometrium"






Royce and Lui got along wonderfully right away. The mating took place in snowy Sweden between 26.01.19 and 28.01.19.

Weight: 38,0 kg

Waist: 60,0 cm