C-Litter Mating

Ch. Nyangoma African Jatoo


VDH 15/10911072
Height: 64 cm
Weight: 38 kg

Complete scissor bite

HD-A, ED/OCD free
D-Locus-D/D, DM-N/N, JME-Clear, LTV-free




Sire: Ch.Inanda Mellberg Edelrood

Dam: Ch.Imkahena Hluhluwe



Ch. Gunthwaite Jack Swagger


Height: 68 cm
Weight: 42 kg

Complete scissor bite

HD-A, ED/OCD free
D-Locus-D/D, DM-N/N , JME-Clear, LTV-free, Spondylosis-free,

HaemophiliaB-healthy, MH-N/N, Ridge-R/R


Sire: Ch.Tarujen Penzi

Dam: Ch.Gunthwaite Diamond Lil



Ch.Gunthwaite Jack Swagger

Ch.Gunthwaite Jack Swagger, called "Jack" becomes the daddy of our C-litter. He is an elegant, muscular, but also athletic male.

Jack was born in the UK in 2014 and now lives in the Czech Republic, on the outskirts of Prague with his owner Slávka Nóskova and her family, as well as with another Rhodesian Ridgeback male. He is an absolute family dog, is for everyone to have fun, likes swimming for his life, likes to retrieve and also likes to exhibit at exhibitions. He is a very friendly and open-minded male, both to four-legged and bipeds - fun is very important to Jack !!!

He convinces Jack with his loving character: active in sport, eager to learn, playful and absolutely satisfied.

For a long time we already know Jack's breeders in the UK, they know their dogs and so it was clear that Kenneth Gunthwaite wanted to become a male for Jatoo's first litter.

In Jack we found our Mr.Perfect for Jatoo and we expect healthy, strong bones and very solid puppies from this mating.


If you are interested in our Nyangoma C-litter, please CONTACT us. We are looking forward to seeing you!!!


Photos of Jack

Photos of Jatoo