Breeding & Philos0phy

During the first 9 weeks of their lives, our puppies are allowed to enjoy our close proximity and attention 24 hours a day.



The property includes an approximately 2300sqm large, fenced plot on which our house is located.

During the 6th week of pregnancy, the puppy room will be set up and provided for the bitch, so that she can get used to her nest at an early stage.

The puppies spend the entire rearing phase always in the middle of the family. In the first weeks of life, my sleeping place is right next to the whelping box so that I can take care of the mother and her puppies at all times.

For the first 4 weeks the puppies live in a spacious whelping box and a spacious play area in our house.

From the 5th week, the puppy has the option to use the direct access to the garden, where they have the opportunity to realize some energy on a 300sqm-600sqm area. They will gain vital experience of the imprinting phases, this is of great importance.


The sleeping place is and remains throughout the rearing phase the litter box in our house.

A large outdoor playground with different surfaces (for example meadow, sand, wood, stone, water) and play equipment (for example, tunnel, puppy house, hanging / wobble bridge, straw bales, tree trunks, water bath) is now at the free disposal of the puppy. In this phase, different environmental stimuli are perceived by the puppies and are an important basis for good imprinting.

For a winter litter during the cold rainy season, all precautions were taken to play dry and warm in our winter camp to your heart's content. A large, roofed area is available to the puppy during this time.

Not only the playful familiarity with toys and climbing equipment is important to us, for a good embossing, but also any sounds.


Everyday in the house as well as in the garden (for example cooking sounds, dishwasher, vacuuming, telephone, doorbell, radio, mowers, cars / trucks / farm machinery, thunderstorms and much more).


The puppies are deliberately introduced to many other sounds, such as bursting a balloon, to rattling noises and much more.


From the beginning, we want to create the foundation for a long, healthy life through a balanced and species-appropriate diet. From the 3rd week our puppies will be introduced to goats milk with fresh meat, so that they will be fed from the 6th / 7th week with BARF.

If you are interested in one of our Nyangoma puppies and you like our breeding, we look forward to welcoming you personally and getting to know you.


Our Philosophy

Our intention is primarily to breed healthy and stable puppies.

We set ourselves the goal of preserving the Rhodesian Ridgeback in its origin and the breed-typical appearance, as well as the elegance and at the same time bone strength of our running dogs.

That is why choosing the right partner for the right bitch is very important to us, we want the partnership to complement each other.

In addition to the focus on health, behavior plays a very important role. With our breeding we want to provide the best conditions for puppies to be balanced, self-confident, very good with social behavior and a strong character.

Our dogs are close companions of ours and to us they are a full family member.



- Kennel life is rejected in principle! -



We breed according to the strict guidelines of the VDH / FCI and are members of the DZRR.

Our breeding is for us a hobby and pure passion.